Your Privacy

Privacy of our apps

Your Privacy

Privacy of our apps

Parta takes your privacy very seriously. Read the text below for more information about our privacy policy of the apps. This concerns both the iOS, Android and web apps.

Our privacy principles

Privacy protection is one of our core values. Parta is very dedicated to guard this value. We are very careful about how we handle your data. We aim to make as much data as possible anonymous. If this is not possible we minimize access to your data as much as posssible.

Below you can read how we handle data in Parta using frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Contact us to make sure it is answered.

Why do I need a username?
You can only vote once. To check if you already voted, we link a voting pass to your account. te username is not shared with organizers of the topic. Your username does not have to be your real name.

If the username you chose is already in use, you will receive a warning. Please pick a different username when this happens
How do we protect your password?
Your password is not saved. A one-way hash of your password is saved. If you forget your password and you received a code to participate in a topic, you can reset your password yourself using the code. If you did not receive a code you can contact us. We will provide you with a link to reset the password.
Can somebody else see what I voted for?
No, there is voting secrecy just like paper elections. You will receive a digital votingpass when you click on a voting activity the first time. This is recorded in the voting pass registration. When you select an option and click on vote, the votingpass is marked as used. In a separate registration the option you selected is marked and a vote is added. In this registration there is no link to your account or votingpass.

How long is my account saved?

We store your account so you can participate in multiple topics. You can remove your account in the app. We delete the topics you were following and the codes you have used. You can't reuse these codes anymore.The answers you have given stay in the system.

Why can't I see what I voted for?
You receive a digital votingpass when you click on a voting activity of a topic. This is stored in the votingpass registration. Once you vote, your votingpass is marked as used in the votingpass registration. Your votes are added to the options you selected in a separate registration. In this registration there is no link to your account or your votingpass. This means there is no way to know who voted for what option. For that reason we can not show in Parta what you voted for.

How can I delete my data?

There are two ways to delete your data: by removing your account in the app or by sending us an email.

Remove your account in the app

  1. Log in 
  2. Click on your profile
  3. Click on "Remove account"

The device tokens for push noifications, topics your follow and codes you used will be deleted, along with your account name and password.

Information disclosed in the topics (answers to questions, chats) are not deleted when you remove your account.  

Request data deletion by sending us an email

Send an email to and mention:

  1. You want us to delete your data
  2. Your account name
  3. The data you want us to remove:
  • Your account including the topics you followed and rejected, codes and the device codes and/or
  • Suggestions, questions and answers to open questions you have entered in a particular or in all topics and/or
  • Chats you have placed

We can't removed votes (answers to multiple choice questions or dilemma's) because those are anonymous so we don't know which vote is yours

Does Parta use cookies? Parta uses one cookie that is needed for the functionality of Parta. the cookie is used only to check if you are logged in. It is not used for other purposes like collecting analytic data or advertisement. The cookie is temporary and is invalid when: you logout from Parta, after a certain time period (1 hour in the browser, 3 months in app), r when you close the browser window or tab. In all these cases you need to login again and a new temporary cookie is created. The cookie only contains a technical number that is called a session ID. The cookie does. not contain any other data. the cookie is created by Parta, not by any other organization. Apart from the cookie, Parta stores other data in the browser. These data is needed for the functionality of the Parta and is not used for any other purposes like analytics or advertisement. This temporary data is used for authentication, navigation and workflow status. These data is stored as briefly as possible. This means that most of them are stored in the session and are removed as soon as the browser window or tab is closed or when you log out.

Are third-party cookies placed in Parta?

In Parta videos can be used to explain topics or livestream events. These videos are loaded from the site of the video platforms. When Vimeo is used to play a videos, one cookie is placed that is needed for Vimeo to work correctly. This cookie is not used for other purposes like analytics or advertisement. If the organizer wants to count unique viewers an analytics cookie is placed. Before you can play the video you will be asked to allow the placement of the cookie. Vimeo. Het cookie wordt niet gebruikt voor andere doeleinden zoals het verzamelen van statistieken of advertenties.  Als de organisator wil tellen hoeveel mensen de video bekeken hebben, wordt een analytische cookie geplaatst. Hiervoor wordt voordat je de video kan afspelen toestemming gevraagd.

In sommige gevallen gebruiken organisatoren andere videoplatforms zoals YouTube of Facebook. Voordat je de video kan afspelen wordt daarom toestemming gevraagd voor het plaatsen van de cookies van die platforms. 

Why is Parta asking for my phonenumber?
We can send you a text message if we have your phonenumber. We use this to protect your account. When you have forgotten your password we send you a text message with a code to prevent other people from changing your password. Note that this is not required: if you received a code for a topic, you can use the code as a token to update your password. Phonenumbers are required by some organizers to prevent participants from creating multiple accounts.
Why does Parta ask for my email adress?
Your email address is used to inform you when you have been selected for a group and to share information about the group. Once the topic has finished, your email address is deleted.
Am I required to enter my email adress?
No, you are not required to enter your email address. You can still participate in the topic. You can't apply for a group using Parta