An overview of the process

How to implement Parta

An overview of the process

How to implement Parta

We ensure you can design and execute a successful decision making process by supporting you from the start all the way to the end. The following steps are taken:


We start with a kick-off in which we determine the conditions for the decision making process with you. What do you need the decision for? Who are involved and how much room for participation is there? What needs and wishes do you have?


If you have selected a standard subscription we will you from start to end with the first decision that you execute with Parta. During this process we train a number of people from your organization in the use of Parta so you can get a better understanding of the approach and the platform so you can configure and execute future decisions yourself.

Design the process

Once the conditions are known and the scope is determined we start designing the process. We work together to configure the steps and the different types of sessions for the participants. We pay attention to the planning and which interaction format is most suitable. After this step the app and the process are configured and you are ready to start.


Once everything has been configured you can start with your process. We prepare each step with you so you know what to do to be successful. This includes practical things like inviting people to participate, session formats, and reporting formats.


Each process is different and teaches us different things. It is important to us to evaluate each decision carefully. This helps you to configure the next process even better and helps us to improve Parta.