Why Parta?


Why Parta?


Make decisions together

Parta helpt overheden, bedrijven, verenigingen en andere organisaties of groepen om gemeenschappelijke keuzes te maken. De aanpak is erop gericht om de stem van alle deelnemers te versterken en de wijsheid binnen de groep optimaal te benutten.


Parta is modulair: ondersteuning van het hele besluitvormingsproces, of een deel ervan.

Parta is hybride: online acties gecombineerd met fysieke offline events. Met die flexibiliteit bieden we voor elke opgave een maatwerkoplossing.

Accessible and Transparant

Parta is simple to use. All steps in the decision making process are easy to follow and to review afterwards. Everyone with access can participate, view, respond and decide. At any time of the day. From any location.

Safe and Reliable

The results are irrefutable because of the use of blockchain technology. A voting pass per decision ensures that voters can not vote multiple times. We don't store what someone votes for, so voting secrecy is ensured. 

Use cases

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We offer

Online platform and app

Parta is available as mobile app in the Apple Store and Google Play, but also through a browser. You have access to the latest release with all modules and features, whether you choose to use it for a one-time event or you buy a subscription.

Step-by-step guidance

You will receive help designing, configuring and executing the decision making process by a certified consultant.

Complete control

You can use Parta for a one time decision or buy a subscription, for multiple decisions. You can use the full functionality of decision making, or a subset of steps. You decide who participates and how.


We can train your employees to work with Parta, so you don't need our consultancy.

Support / Helpdesk

On weekdays and during online sessions we are available to answer questions and solve problems for you and all participants.

Parta in action

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