Sessie om de opgehaalde input voor de maatschappelijke agenda te ordenen

Social agenda municipality of Lelystad

The municipality of Lelystad and several of her partners work together to create a social agenda . The social agenda is a plan that states how the municipality and her partners will work together to ensure Lelystad is a city where everyone can participate and feels at home. To accomplish this they work together with their citizens, using Parta.

The municipality has started last summer with collection what is needed in Lelystad to work and live comfortably in Lelystad according the citizens. During this so called 'summer tour' interviews have been conducted and questionnaires have been distributed. The information is collected in Parta, to ensure an overview of the input can be created regardless the channel it was collected in. The information is analyzed. All this information can be reviewed in Parta. The first version of the social agenda will be created based on this input and shared with the public. In next versions of the plan, activities will be described. Do you want to keep posted about the project? Download Parta through the buttons at the bottom of this page, create an account and follow the topic!. Interested to use Parta in your municipality? Ask for a free demo !